Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mission in the Suburbs
I think it's for all the right reasons, but somehow "urban mission" sounds better (sexier?) than "suburban mission"! Clearly we have an historic problem of Christians leaving the urban inner-cities. In part here in London and in many cities that is being counteracted by some great deliberate church planting movements (e.g. Urban Expression) and the growth of the Black majority Churches and other ethnically distinct congregations. But it's still an issue of under-investment.
There is however, a challenge of mission in the suburbs. Reaching people who are doing well without God with the Christian gospel is tough! So I was pleased to read some stuff from Vineyard USA on the suburbs, from their "Cutting Edge" church planting magazine (Summer 2007 here). (thanks to Tony for the link!). It's an interview with David Goetz who's written an interesting looking book on the suburbs (which I've added to my wish list!).
Couple of quick quotes from the article:
"I think missionary training needs to be as rigorous for the suburbs as it is for the foreign mission field"
"Don't assume the large suburban churches have all the answers"

The second quote reminds me of something I read, although not sure where, about suburban churches which have the "smell" of success, without the missional depth. A warning that resonated with me.

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Blogger Roy said...

think the book may well be going on my list too!
Wanna meet for coffee sometime?....we threatened to a while back but never quite made it

6:31 pm  
Blogger Pete Lev said...

Meeting up sounds good - send me an e-mail - I can't seem to find yours!

3:02 pm  

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