Friday, August 03, 2007

Things Christians do in the Summer Holidays
This week my schedule has included 2 things that lots of UK Christians and churches do in the summer.
Holiday Clubs: I went to a church in Greenwich I had done some training with a few weeks ago to see their "Vacation Bible School" (VBS) in action.
They were using "Game day" material from Lifeway (US based if you couldn't tell from calling it VBS!). The material would need some cultural adapting for many UK churches, but seemed to work where they are, and seemed to cover most bases (lots of songs with backing tracks, materials etc.). Interestingly they ran for up to age 14, not just kids and it seemed to work. It was encouraging to see how much of the church was involved and pulling in others from outside too. Many churches run these things, and the big question is always how it links with life after the holidays are over. That's not straightforward to answer, and pouring all you energy into one week can be dangerous, but it shows what a great opportunity 6 week school holidays represent!

Festivals: Christian festivals abound in the summer. In fact showgrounds, race tracks and such venues must do quite well out of Christians! Andy has posted on the bewildering choice of what to take groups to.

Yesterday I went to New Wine's summer festival (week 1 anyway). I was helping a mate out by speaking at a seminar called "Intentional Youthwork", which was kind of fun. My friend Paul was heading up one of the youth programmes so was pretty tied up with stuff, so it was nice to be able to help! It was also good to check out the youth venue. It was good stuff. Although it was interesting to watch the young people seemingly switch in and out the morning meeting, one minute hands in the air seemingly lost in worship, the next minute chatting, flirting, or whatever. Actually that's probably OK, I think we can sometimes fall into the trap of thinking intensity is reality in worship, but it may not be.
Anyway it was good - but again the big question is how does what happens get lived out and followed up?

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