Monday, October 08, 2007

Mission in a multi-cultural city
When I talk about what's going on in London to people from outside I often end up talking about stories of growth and new churches. But as the statistics on church going in London bear out, these are inevitably ethnically distinct congregations, or established churches being re-ignited by incoming groups.
This article by Daniel Clark (pdf download) describes some of the issues. Diaspora churches often face unique challenges, and yet have much to teach the inherited churches. But as the article points out, hoping "foreign" missionaries will re-evangelise the UK is not without its cultural difficulties:

"Even those concerned for the spiritual welfare of the UK struggle when tried and tested methods in their homeland do not have success".

It's a complex situation, without easy answers. And when you add in young people and those of the second generation it gets even more complex. But I guess that's what makes cities like London so exciting. And somehow in the middle of it all God is at work.

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