Thursday, December 06, 2007

Missionary Disciples
Tuesday - Wednesday was an overnight "regional and national teams consultation" with the
Baptist Union. The theme was "encouraging missionary disciples", which is the strapline for the Union's strategy document. It was good time to chat and think through some issues, catch up with people etc.

One of the key issues for me around helping churches and therefore Christians to be "missionary" is the change in mindset from mission as an activity to mission as an integral part of being. It seems to me there is still a danger for us all to see being missional as bolting a project onto our cell group or congregation life. Or running an event. But it needs to be deeper rooted than that, which is why I guess people say it takes 10 years or so to move a church into a more missional mode (there's some good stuff on that at Allelon) .

There is in my experience a relationship between intentional mission (trips, short term projects, events) and an ongoing mission attitude, but we should not mistake one for the other.

Anyway, good to hear about stuff going on around the UK and that mission is at the heart of the agenda.

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Blogger tony sheng said...

good thoughts pete. it's my biggest caution too - making sure it's not about an experience, but about living that way all the time.

3:45 pm  

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