Wednesday, April 25, 2007

During the writing of my essay I dipped back in to James Thwaites' Renegotiating the Church Contract.
I actually got more out of it than when I read it previously. Along with The Church Beyond the Congregation it outlines Thwaites' theory that church has been infected with a platonic leaven! A dualism based on the influence of Plato's ideas has led the church away from what it was intended to be. We have become used to the church as "construct" rather than seeing it as the body of believers filling creation. (There is a more substantial review here).
To be honest I think he overstates the case, and neglects Christendom and modernity, putting everything down to this platonic stuff.
But it makes for some interesting thoughts about church.
Couple of quotes:
"For years they have heard sermons that speak of being on the verge of radical change, and nothing has changed. We need to forgive them if they are not moved by the promises in our preaching anymore" (p187).
"most church leaders are too busy looking after meetings in the household to become one with the church as fullness"

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Anonymous Mark said...

Hey there Lev,

Thanks for the mention. I hope the review was helpful for you.

Because of the Cross,


11:23 pm  

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