Monday, April 23, 2007

Catch up
The weekend saw two 40th Birthday parties (one was a 30th too). Both the guys turning 40 were people I used to do youthwork with. We started some pioneering stuff when we were all in our 20's - and now these 2 are 40! (I've still got a few years to go). Nothing ageist intended! Just scary really, like hearing about young people you used to work with getting married or doing pioneering work themselves.

Last night I was invited to be the speaker at a 20's & 30's service which was cool. Except I'm in assignment writing mode and trying to clear my head to come up with an evangelistic flavoured message proved harder than I thought it would. I kept wanting to analyse everything through the stuff I'd been doing for the course. In the long term that's probably a good thing - but when the clock's ticking and you start de-constructing the basics of faith it can be disconcerting!
Essay deadline is Thursday, so I need to get it in the post tomorrow.



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