Friday, February 16, 2007

Teen Shootings
While some of the media would have us believe that parts of South London have turned into a new kind of "wild west", the shooting of 3 teens in the last couple of weeks is never the less concerning. (BBC here).
Where is hope? What is the gospel for these young people?

Camila Batmanghelidjh wrote an interesting piece in the Guardian last week.
She suggests this is part of a systematic failure of the authorities, and a direct result of poverty. Here's an interesting idea:
"What is needed across London, and across the country, is the amalgamation of all services for young people under one roof. These centres should have high-calibre staff, mixed with youth workers, and remain open from morning to evening so that a young person can get up and have somewhere to go - whether they need to fill in a form or get treatment for a stomach ache."
An interesting model for youth ministry?

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Blogger Rob said...

as this 'under one roof' was the original thinking behind Connexions; but it needs a long term resourcing view behind it with guaranteed funding that does not change with the weather. As connexions started to make an impact, funding was culled and it was pulled into childrens services ... a place where no sef respecting teenager will tread!

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