Thursday, February 08, 2007

Mission is happening!
Back from our conference to snowy London - but everything seemed to be working OK, I managed to get to Waterloo and back today no worries.

Reflecting on the last couple of days, I'm amazed at the signs of life and the wonderful stuff happening among Baptists in London. (I'm sure it's happening elsewhere too!). So many creative ways of engaging with communities and individuals. It really re-enforces the fact that mission must be incarnational, and that there can be no "one size fits all, buy this programme now!" approach. We had stories of a large middle class town working to transform a whole town centre, plus we heard of those from small churches in needy areas and everything in between. Much of it isn't trendy or flashy, but it is real missional engagement, costly stuff, shaping the church. Yes there's much to be done, and I'm realistic about the journey some of our churches need to make from being historic established organisations to becoming vital missionary communities. But, praise God it is happening!

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