Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Emerging from the snow
Another good dusting of snow came last night.
A few of us had tracked down to the local pub for some de-briefing and unwinding, when it started coming down.
Our outing was extended because we ended up hanging out with Ron Willoughby, who landed here fresh from the USA a couple of days ago to be a new tutor at Cliff. Ron was formerly a pastor and church planter (see here). He's scheduled to be talking to us about "Emergence in the USA" tomorrow, but it was fun to get some insights (and hopefully help him start the process of learning more about the UK) in the informal setting. Clearly the "emerging church" USA and UK are quite different. Ron gave us some good insights into Emergent and Brian Mclaren.
Today we've been hearing from Michael Moynagh and thinking about leadership for the Emerging Church. We also touched a bit on the relationship of the emerging and inherited churches in a "mixed economy". Is it helpful for emerging groups to be connected to existing churches or denominations or not?

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Anonymous Ron said...

Hi Pete, enjoyed hanging with you guys as well.

A buddy from the States told me about your blog. Sweet.

Look me up when next your at Cliff.

9:06 pm  

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