Friday, January 19, 2007

Random thoughts
Some random thoughts, partly from a youthworkers lunch today:
How can we help churches to not over depend on paid ministry? How can we help paid youth ministry people to get a good balance? If you're a paid youth minister/worker then what should be the balance between doing work with young people and enabling others to interact and work with young people?

Also the old question of accommodation and housing in London came up! I've posted on this before (and here but unfortunately lost the comments), Even if people are not "paid" ministry staff, few can afford to settle long term.

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Blogger Beef said...

HI Lev
I am currently paid for 5 hours a week possibly increasing to 10 for a local Baptist Church. This makes it affordable for them and gives me the freedom to do other things.
The advantage for me is that I am not bogged down by all the admin or church issues that take up time in a full time post. They want me to do what I am best at and will find others to do all the other roles. This enables me to work with young people and develop a team to work with them. I am finding it very liberating.
As a church they could not afford a full time minister but can afford my hours. It might be one answer to your question.

12:32 am  
Blogger Pete Lev said...

Beef, good to hear from you! Sounds like an interesting set up...

12:18 pm  

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