Thursday, January 11, 2007

Inclusive Kingdom
I downloaded a few talks from the "Urban Youth Workers Institute" website.
Yesterday I listened to "The Inclusiveness of the Kingdom" by Ray Bakke and "Duce" Branch.
Bakke was speaking from Acts, and while I'd heard a lot of the stuff before, he put it across powerfully, emphasising the inclusive nature of the early church. He commented on the passage (used by some churches to define the role of deacon) in Acts 6 reminding that it's as much about tension between ethnic groups and how that was resolved as it is about practical ministry.

Anyway if you're going on a journey and want to listen to something then this is worthwhile stuff.
Duce's stuff about Hip-Hop culture is also interesting.
These are very real issues for youth ministry in London. Be interesting to hear that kind of stuff from a UK perspective.



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