Monday, May 15, 2006

I'm becoming slightly uneasy about the government and media's use of the language of "extremism".
It seems to be that the worst thing you can be at the moment is a passionate believer, because to be so risks the label of "extremist".
Such rhetoric is understandable at some levels - of course there is concern about terrorism or activists who appear to value animal life above human. But there is something about this labeling that leaves me feeling a little uneasy.
I'm not one for conspiracy theories and the like. But I do wonder how long before "extremist" language becomes more and more applied to the church (at least if we remain true to Christ) and what effects that might have.

(and this resource series raises interesting questions!)


Blogger youthworkertim said...

I don't mind being labelled an extreme Christian. Jesus was a revolutionary right???! So much for being seeker sensitive or 'emergent'! Stand apart, be different, be in but not of...

I think it would do us more good than bad!!!

1:02 pm  

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