Monday, May 08, 2006

Youth ministry - education, entertainment or evangelism?
Interesting discussion on the Youthwork Discussion forum.
The answer's probably "both/and" - but its a fun debate (which I've yet to join in - the Pete in the discussion isn't me!!)

Update (10/5)
Over the last couple of days the other threads have continued a similar discussion.
In fact we've ended up in some familiar ground:
Timmy suggests:
"UK based YM seems to be caught up between the struggle to conform to the secular definition and the sacred call (Matthew 28:19,20) to make followers of Christ. There are a number of factors that have contributed to this, including how funding of community oriented Church based activities works in the UK, shared staffing, professional recognition and salary scales of youth workers... and so on." (here).
This has been discussed on blogs before, I've posted here plus here and elsewhere.
I think its fundamentally about our view of the Kingdom and how that impacts mission, but that's for another post!


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