Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Youth Annex?
Last night my flat turned into a salon as my wife and mother in law were having their hair cut. I was stuck in my office, which gave me time for some surfing and reading.
I came across an interesting article "Removing the Youth Annex". The author, Dave Gilpin is an Aussie, leading what seems to be a "Hillsong-esque" church in Sheffield (and other nothern cities).
Anyway the article is worth checking out. Here's a couple of quotes:

"If thirteen year olds are getting saved by the droves, that's good for everyone. They're not youth - they're people...eliminate ageism"

"Add some young guns to the driving seat of the church. Provoke the sleepy and create one passionate vibrant church - not one church with an out house called 'Friday Youth'."

I also finished reading Mark Sturge's "Look what the Lord has done".
This is a fascinating and informative account of the growth of the Black Majority Churches in the UK. It re-emphasised to me that any discussion about the shape of church in London must include the global and urban dimensions, not just the postmodern. Towards the end of the book there is a paragraph on "Inspiring a new generation", where he hits something that I see in many churches, regardless of ethnicity:
"Unless we abandon the habit of placing the most inexperienced Christians in charge of children, and the least inspiring to lead young people , this will remains the [BMC's] Achilles heel"

The challenge remains to get beyond the youth group!



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