Monday, April 03, 2006

Catch up
Finally feeling back on track - amazing how a 24 hour bug can take so long to get back in balance from!

On Friday I was in Basildon with Viz-a-Viz Ministries. We're working on developing a London Baptist gap year programme with them, as part of their Optimum programme. Things seem to shaping up - the next big job will be recruiting young people to be part of it!

I was also involved last week in a meeting looking at my home church's 125th anniversary! It was good to have someone in the group who hadn't been around for a long time - as the rest of us were in danger of getting into reminiscence. It shocks me to think I've been in Ealing 15 years this year! Anyway if you were ever part of Haven Green we'll be getting in touch - and the dates are September 16th & 17th!

The weekend was relatively quiet - and included a trip to my favourite
local cafe, catching up with friends as well as the usual pub quiz (which was one by a team getting a dubious 60 out of 60 - something fishy going on there I think!).


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