Thursday, March 16, 2006

Len Hjalmarson has written an interesting series at Theooze "Leading from the margins". (final part is here, you can search articles by author for the previous installments!)
He suggests:
" As we live out new ways of leading faithful communities,

• Instead of leading from over, we lead from among.
• Instead of leading from certainty, we lead by exploration, cooperation and faith.
• Instead of leading from power, we lead in emptiness depending on Jesus
• Instead of leading as managers, we lead as mystics and poets, "speaking poetry in a prose flattened world" and articulating a common future
• Instead of leading from the center, we lead from the margins."

I wonder what that looks like, and where it leads "paid ministry"?


Blogger Len said...

I hate to say it, but I think it leaves vocational ministry as history. Of course, there are creative ways around the problem. I don't think my own answer is the best, I'm getting tired of software. OTOH, my schedule is my own and I am my own boss. Makes for interesting arguments at work ;) I'm a slave driver.

9:27 pm  
Blogger Pete Lev said...

Maybe there's something around church planters (apostles/evangelists) getting their living "from the gospel" as it were rather than the traditional paid pastor/teacher model?

10:08 pm  
Blogger Len said...

I knew I'd been part of a discussion on this a while back. here it is..

5:03 pm  
Blogger Pete Lev said...

Thanks - and it led me to a whole series of comments at Jason Clark's blog:

5:11 pm  
Anonymous Nuno Barreto said...

Thanks for that last link.

I think it leaves no space for paid clergy as a office, but it leaves some plave for pastors (or other gifts) as functions. If they are found to be usefull, of course.

4:37 pm  

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