Tuesday, May 02, 2006

So another good weekend with a couple of thousand Baptists - Yes I know that sound like an oxymoron but its not!
Highlights for me included the Saturday morning bible study at the Prism "alternative" venue (nice one Kumar!), the message from Kate Coleman, the BU's president for the year challenging us to "stay focused", and just hanging out. Richard Foster spoke on Sunday, and while I don't really remember what he said, you got a sense of his deep spirituality which was inspiring.
And while there are inevitably things you could pick holes in or that could have been better, overall it was a good time.
My main concern is how we bring through more younger people and continue the work of diversity while honoring the past. But things are definitely moving forward with a sense of God's mission.

Oh and if you want a nice place to stay in Brighton, try the Cavalire!


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