Friday, May 12, 2006

Yesterday was what seems to have become my annual trip to the Christian Resources Exhibition.
The usual plethora of furniture, robes and finance stuff was amusing as ever.
I did pick up a couple of things, such as the report: "Making Sense of Generation Y: The world view of 15-25 year olds". Look forward to getting into that - Jonny has posted about it.
I also picked up the Catalyst "group-zine" Change the Process which is an interesting workbook of articles on leadership and change, designed for individual or small group use.

Yesterday evening was the LBA annual assembly, at centre. Was a good time, the theme was "generation to generation" and I shared some stats and stuff on children and the LBA churches. My colleague talked of his experience of receiving faith growing up as a Hindu, and David Coffey (outgoing BU general secretary) shared some suff about his family.


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