Friday, May 20, 2005

Getting away with it.
A few years ago working for a youthwork organisation we coined the phrase "we got away with it" for when you do an event/service/training etc., and you know that you weren't quite on top form.
Sometimes you do stuff and you know that you're on top of it- you know the material, the technology works, you even sense the Spirit is moving and God is active.
Other times you "get away with it" - its not rubbish (hopefully!), but you know you're not in tune.
Last night I did a training - and got away with it! I realised it wasn't going to be great when I got to the church and discovered I'd left my folder of notes and handouts behind (thanks to Suzie for sorting that out!) - not the ideal start! Maybe I'm being harsh on myself -the group seemed to appreciated it (hello if you were there!).
I'm not down about it - but wondered if others had similar experiences and if there were any clues about what makes the difference?


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