Monday, May 09, 2005

Lots of blog discussion on hell. Brian Mclaren is popping up on various blogs etc. with much of the debate around his latest book "The last word and the word after that".
I've not read the book - but look forward to reading the discussions. Unfortunately my connection is too slow to make it to Andrew Jones Suddenly Seminary, (his blog has a great poll about "Is the gospel primarily information on how to avoid hell?"),but the blog discussions have started at pomomusings, Dwight Friesen and more!

For me, I think its good to be having these conversations. I remember the "if you were to die tonight" stuff being used in my youth, and somtimes hell comes up in conversation and take you by surprise (esp. in talking with people not from church!). But I don't have a thought out theory of theology about it to any great extent. Time to dig some more I think.


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