Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Children, families, integrationPosted by Hello
I don't have direct responsibilities for helping churches work with under 11's (although am part of a group exploring that), but the issues of children, families and integration I think are key youthwork issues too.
My home church has a 3 part morning service, the 3rd "half" of which is usually for all ages. This raises issues about how to do worship together.
Some interesting blog discussion on these issues from Brodie and Andy (neither of whom I know in real life).

Andy suggests:

Our children, and this is related to integration, need to participate in worship - they need to be active and not passive. Children shouldn't be onlookers, but at the heart of the church's worshipping life".

Easier said than done in my experience, but a vision we need to hold on to!


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