Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Youth Spirituality
Spent the day at Churches Together's Spirituality and young people conference.
I think I would describe the day as random, but it has provoked me to think further!
It was good to hear about research from Bob Mayo and others. It was also good to connect with Jonathan Oloyede and learn about some of the stuff happening at Glory House over in the East End.
It was also good to see Roy, Ian, and Jonny and others.

Spirituality seems a vague term, "an ill-defined amorphous entity that it covers all kind of phenomena" is what Don Carson called it!
Bob Mayo suggested that for the young it functions in 3 areas:
Entertainment, significance and transcendence
which was helpful.

I'm going to ponder some more!

[update - youthblog had more detailed notes from the sessions than I could ever remeber!]


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