Sunday, April 24, 2005

Birmingham: Baptists, Bishops & Bongos!
The Baptist Assembly was a good day!
The theme was diversity. Input at the various session was diverse, worship led by Paul Lavender, an assembly regular but with a funky band from a local church in the Midlands (Cannon Street, Hansworth). Big issues were touched on in the "question time" session - and handled well (immigration, poverty and political engagement).

The evening concert was a mix as expected - although the largely middle aged+ audience seemed unsure of the rock style from
Revive or Witness MCing! Northumbria Community and Martyn Layzell were more appreciated.

Much of the stuff was good - but the highlight for me was Bishop John Sentamu from Birmingham. His talk was challenging and inspiring. But after the talk as the worship continued he got carried away and joined the band adding percussion on the bongos! Never thought I'd see a bongo playing bishop at the Baptist Assembly!


Blogger laurie01 said...

Playing bongo is so great! I've been starting to learn how to play bongos for a month and I found it really fun. How I wish I also know how to play bongos.

6:13 am  

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