Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A core thing for many Baptists is the notion of "church membership". Yet in the current climate (in the UK anyway) many churches are re-thinking what that means. What does it mean to belong, to be a member? In London with a transient population many are reluctant to become members as it seems "concrete" and settled, where as their time here may be temporary or limited. Some churches are now talking the language of partnership rather than membership, which could be helpful.

Joseph Myers in The Search to belong suggests that people like to belong in different "spaces".
He suggests we all have relationships at different levels and each is valuable in its own way.
Steve Collins (thanks to Jonny for the tip) has written a great thing about the Plug in Church.
Check it out for a great diagram explaining all and some key questions:
"Does commitment equal attendance any more?
Does attendance equal commitment?
What are plug-in church's mechanisms of belonging?"


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