Monday, March 14, 2005

Had a busy weekend again!
Saturday was an LBA youth leaders training day "A long way out..." which was excellent! Always a relief when people turn up to something you put on (only 2 came to my last day!). We had some inspiration from a youthworker based with a Baptist Church in Hackney - doing great stuff. We also explored the tensions of "inside out and outside in" and the possibility of a "double helix" combining both models! Deep down I still wonder if work with unchurched should mainly be about planting new cells or churches?

Sunday morning I was playing piano at another local church - having their first baptism for a few years. It was awesome - only 1 candidate but he had an amazing story of God at work. Its also a church I've been involved with over the past few years and great to see so much growth and life.

But the sad part of the weekend was finding out our regular Sunday night pub quiz is due to stop after next week - seems the brewery are to be making changes (again) to the historic Rose and Crown in Ealing.


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