Monday, June 16, 2008

Art and the Gola Store
I posted a couple of years ago about my love of Gola trainers (here, here).
Hunting for Gola's in old naff shoe shops and TK Maxx is part of the fun (and I can usually get 2 pairs for the price of your new fangled Nikes or other trainers), but now the hunt is over. Not the cheapest place to get them from, but on Saturday we went to the new Gola store in Carnaby Street. Amazing - wall to wall Golas, with T-shirts and other stuff too. Such temptation!

Apart from the Gola store we also checked out the exhibitions (degree shows) at Central St Martins. A mate of Suzie's had a couple of pieces (one of which was a noose - interesting!) on show, and another friend some knitware. A mix of stuff really, some interesting and thought provoking, some random and pretentious!

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