Friday, September 23, 2005

London Youth Work

Some may accuse me of being "London-centric" - but it's great to see a feature on youthwork in London in Young People Now (YPN) this week.
The introduction says something those of us working here know:
"youth work in London undoubtedly has a different character to other parts of the country"
The same could be said about church and mission in London.
There are unique issues and struggles - but at the same time so much good stuff going on.
And its constantly changing - you could never map the church scene in London, because it would be out of date straight away!

The guide to London Youth services (Local Authorities) in YPN is also useful, as it tells us how many youthworkers Boroughs employ (mine has 25 full time and 65 part time!!, but still way ahead of the churches), and youth crime rates (the worst appears to be Harringey at 48 per thousand).


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