Thursday, September 15, 2005

Last night the London Baptist Association Western District had a celebration at my home church with the Baptist Union president Roy Searle. Roy is one of the founders of the Northumbria Community, (you can read some of Roys thoughts here).
Anyway it was a great evening (even if the organisation was somewhat chaotic!), I was privileged to lead some worship, and Roy spoke.
His message was timely: Take care - of your relationship with God, of ourselves, of family life and of community.
Key to what I picked up was a call to resist "driveness" and follow the Spirit. He quoted M'Cheyene: "Much activity in the service of the King and not in the presence of the King".
He also encouraged us to value the ordinary time, and find a rhythm for everyday life.
To strive to be human in a world that de-humanizes.
To slow down, especially in London - both individually and as churches - are we doing too much (programmes etc.)?

I look forward to Roy being part of the LBA's annual pastors conference in February.


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