Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Ok so I'm going rant about something (and not to do with youth, ministry etc.)

Its the media fuelled (no pun intended) panic buying of petrol happening in various parts of the UK.
Just like 2000, but at the moment even more so, its not the protestors that cause any shortages or "panic at the pumps" as the tabloids like to say, but the media itself. If they didn't hype it (like the Daily Mail's headline a couple of days ago), we wouldn't have a problem.

"We have had six days of fuel bought in just two - it is crazy." says one garage.
I know no-one wants to get caught short and like the rest of the nation I'm a regular car user, but please stop the hype and lets get on with it. No-one wants high prices, there probably is too much tax on it, but panic buying won't help. It didn't help 5 years ago, or at the turn of the millenium. But the media just loves it.

See this Guardian article for a more articulate version!


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