Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Josh McDowell
Spent yesterday with Josh McDowell.
Well I was at a conference of Josh McDowell Ministries - but ended up with the man himself sat at my table and in my discussion group.
The conference was about some new research on young people and the role of the family - can't say too much about it until the stuff is officially released, but basically suggesting we need to put emphasis on families not just youth.
Anyway it was a good day - chance to catch up with people and put some faces to names.

One interesting thing was to hear Josh speak about how he's changed his approaches with the changing culture - many may see him as "modern" with his emphasis on evidence and truth. He seemed to react strongly against that suggesting that he's putting more emphasis on relational stuff - suggesting truth is about relationship - relationship to the truth giver, relationship to others as well as "is it credible".


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