Monday, June 20, 2005

Go with the flow...
Chatting today with a mate who's a pastor about a mission approach to life and ministry which is about going with the flow of the Spirit. Getting caught up in God's mission rather than doing loads of programmes. The spirit of modernity lives on in many places, and its tempting to look for the next "big idea" for growth rather than seek God.

This quote sums it up nicely:
"I was learning that if I was willing, God would use me in odd ways - ways that might make absolutely no sense to me at all. He can use us in any way from a smile to a stranger to a lifelong friendship full of shared experiences and profound conversations. My lot was not to scurry round, trying to ram the gospel in to conversations, get positive responses and fill in follow-up sheets. I simply needed to be concerned with being open to God and ready to act as he directed - even if that meant taking a risk"
(Michael Volland - from "God on the beach" - see below!)


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