Sunday, June 12, 2005

Been a busy few days of work, and play (not so much rest!).
Some exciting mission initiatives being discussed, a party, catching up with friends.
All good - and more on all this later.

The downer has been discovering one of our cars (Fiesta, Suzie's vehicle) had been hit.
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Damage looks not terrible - but enough to make it unusable. And being quite old (the car not us!) we're on 3rd party insurance - and of course the lovely people that hit it didn't leave any details - which means there's no way of getting any money. So we're praying it isn't too expensive to fix (or that God provides!).
I guess it is a luxury having 2 cars in London- but when I'm out and about at odd times (evenings/weekends) for work we felt it warranted a 2nd one. Suzie now uses it for work etc. so to be without is a pain.

Back from the garage -seems damage appears to be mainly superficial. Will still cost a few £'s to sort - but not the worse case scenario I imagined!
Update 2: (22/6)
The garage seem to have a done a good job for exactly the price quoted which is a relief. Although the indicator light seems to need some tweeking. Good to have the car back though!


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