Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Unity, truth, love & blogs!
Found this editorial from Christian Counterculture provocative.
"Everyone thinks they need a blog today, where they can wax-on eloquently about everything from religion to sports to politics. But all-too-often they are transformed into "mini-pulpits" to bash about their brothers and sisters in Christ over some matter or another. Or they are used to advance the cause of some faction or group that has seemingly replaced Jesus as the supreme object of affection and loyalty."

It goes on to add some positive advice, which I like:

"Are you "Reformed"? Then keep your "Reformed-ness" a very distant second to your primary identity as a member of Jesus' family — the followers of the Risen Christ. Remember that the greatest time in history was the 1st century, not the 16th.

Are you "Charismatic"? Then keep your charismatic-ness at the same distance. Remember that the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the one that should cause us sheer excitement — occurred at Pentacost, not Azusa Street, Toronto or somewhere else.

Are you an "emergent" Christian? Then view your "emergent-ness" within the broader context of God's Spirit working throughout the world in a variety of contexts, some of which may seem outdated to you."
(Rob Shlpafer -

A timely reminded that none of us has the monopoly on theological soundness. And hey isn't there mission to be done?


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