Friday, May 27, 2005

Partners in the gospel?
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Yesterday I was in on a conversation about the Baptist ministry, and the need for spouses and family to understand the call and vocation being embarked on.
This led to an interesting debate about the expectation some churches have (or have had) of ministers wives (less likely to be on the husbands of female minsters) - especially the traditional things like womens meetings, flowers, hospitality & tea making. But also the danger if the partner wants "in" on the ministry but isn't equipped or called to be so!

Seems to be a trend in "contemporary" churches (Hillsongs style and some Vineyard) to have couples as leaders. Is that a better way?

And what about youthworkers? My observation is that many go into it single but end up getting married. Do churches then expect BOGOF:"buy one get one free"?
Does a church need to meet the family/spouse before appointing?

These are the questions in my brain today!
If I post on this again I might outlines how it works for me!


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