Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The confusing state of UK youth ministry training
Youthwork Magazine this month features an article on training for "full time" youth ministry.
On the positive side - there are loads of options, far more than when I was looking at training 10 years ago.
But I can't help but think its all a bit confusing.
Speaking to Bruce last week he was saying that where he is in Canada its straightforward: you do essentially the same training as ministers (vicars/church leaders) and then take electives to specialise. I have to say that sounds much better than what happens here! It puts the same "spiritual" value on being a youth minister as being a senior pastor, you learn how churches work, and get grounded theologically (assuming your colleges are getting ministerial training right -but that's another issue!).

Here we get bogged down with" youth work vs youth ministry" training. That certainly why I ended up doing Evangelism and Church Planting! I know Oasis and CYM have tried to marry this as Youthwork and Ministry (as Oasis like to say). But I'm just not sure.
Shouldn't youth ministry training be more about ministry, theology and spirituality and less conncerned with JNC statutory stuff?
Youthblog has in the past posted stuff about these issues: here , here and here.

Maybe its more straight forward in the USA and Canada because they aren't so concerned with a statutory youthwork agenda?


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