Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Pastor Bill
On Sunday Channel 5 re-aired the Cornerstone Films documentary The Legend of Pastor Bill (which apparently got great feedback when it was first aired). The film is about Bill Wilson and his Metro Ministries Sunday Schools. I saw the programme first time round and have heard about and seen Bill Wilson on other stuff before. He has an amazing story.
The documentary was both inspiring and a bit unnerving at the same time: inspiring because he's reaching out to urban New York's kids in innovative ways, and willing to pay the price (during the filming he was shot and told of other incidents).
But at the same time he had a "money machine" (the last time I saw one of them was on Noel Edmonds show!) - where you win what you can grab, and other stuff which left questions.
The ethos seemed to be "use whatever bait you can to get the children and families in".
I'm not sure that "the end justifies the means" approach is right.
But then at least he's out there doing something...


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