Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Christmas seems to be a quiet time for some blogs!
Realise my first attempts at this blog started January this year (although it was May when it got going!) - so this things nearly a year old. According to this article on blogging from Relevant Blog is one of the most searched words on the Net. "B" magazine (my wife's) also ran an article of blogging this month (though mainly about women blogging on sex and relationships). Yet I still talk with people (even net-savy 20's and 30's) who look lost when the notion comes up in conversation! I also came across an article (no idea where) on how to read blogs (and as far as I'm aware the article wasn't on RSS feeds etc.) - is there some magic I've missed?
Over the last while I've got into using Bloglines
which I like, although may be reduntant if I get in to Firefox.


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