Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Youthwork thinking
Richard Passmore's article in Youthwork Magazine Lead by Following raises some key issues.
Personally I find his definition of the "ecclesial minimum" insufficient - he suggests that church must be "in relation to the ethics of Jesus" and "you cannot be church on your own". That seems to be about it!
In fact he suggests:
"my definition of Church is that it is about the process of becoming more fully human through interaction and relationships with others".
I get it, but it seems to be not enough to me.
Surely there's more to the church than that?
He also says "youthwork and the process of youthwork is Church" which needs further processing. But initially I would say "can be Church" or "should be Church" rather than is.
Maybe its unfair to be too negative about an extract from a wider book - guess I'll have to check out the whole of Off the Beaten Track before making further thoughts!

The revamped discussion boards on the also look good. Hopefully there will be enough room for discussion for those of us who missed their conference last month.
(The other place for good discussion forum, slightly different subjects, is


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