Friday, December 10, 2004


Encouraged by an article in Red Magazine (my wife's - honest) to indulge in a bit of nostalgia.
The article relays a conversation between a 30 something and her niece.
On TV: "half the time the screen would be filled with that stupid girl wearing a hairband...if you stayed until 11pm you found yourself singing along with the National Anthem. Many's the night we danced away to the monotone hum that followed".
Internet: "When you needed to look something up, you had to trawl through Encyclopedia Britannica not spend five minutes on the internet"
"A 'chatroom' meant a dingy cupboard filled with vinyl chairs and a drinks machine"

Reminds me of my A Level computer studies teacher who taught us that e-mail would never catch on... (and I'm not that old!)
Obviousto state, but times are changing!

For the youthworkers among us the article comments:
"To meet new friends you had to go to some hideous youth club".
So does that mean that now there is no reason to go to a hideous youth club?


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