Tuesday, December 07, 2004

It just won't go away!
Posted previously several times on this - but an issue that I keep coming back to in reading/writing/thinking/conversation and consultations - is that of the relationship of youth ministry and the church. Often it seems that "main church" and the "church's youth ministry" don't connect - their joined in name only, resulting in problems with "integration" and "ownership".
This is especially the case when young people get too old for the youth programme.

Also wondering where children and young people fit into emerging church.
Writing about alternative worship Steve Collins suggests:
"Alternative worship is indeed about 'youth culture'. But 'youth culture isn't about the young".

So not sure where that leaves us. One things for sure (as the quote below from Reimagining Youth Ministry says) - we can't just fix youth ministry without looking at the big picture of church.


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