Monday, January 10, 2005

Great to meet up with Bruce from the
Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches in Canada. It might have sounded weird to some - I was meeting a man I'd never met before, who contacted me through the internet in a hotel lobby near Euston station!
But it was great to grab some food and share the joys of supporting youth ministry in Baptist churches in different contexts. He has only 2million people in his area, more churches and much more space to cover, I have London! He has an assistant and admin and more , we have me currently part time. Oh well - I guess its about where God puts you.

Anyway he seemed like a great guy doing good stuff and there was lots of common ground - such as why churches sometimes take the cheap option of inexperienced and unqualified youth ministry staff and end up in a mess... And the need for networking and support etc. We also spoke about the issue of youthwork being an "add on" for some churches.


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