Friday, November 28, 2008

Youthwork Conference
A week since trekking down to Eastbourne for Youthwork the Conference, with the Mrs and 2 other youth leaders from my home church. And I think it was better than expected!
My main aim was to catch up with people, which I did, but the sessions I went to were also helpful.
I appreciated the space given to worship, which hopefully was not just because this year's theme was "soul", because I know many go to these things worn out and in need of that space (and my fears that having fallen behind on the latest songs would leave me feeling left out were unfounded).
I appreciated Chris Curtis' take on the oft-preached David and Bathsheba passage and the "dark side". Gerard Kelly also said some thoughtful things in his "soul session", although I confess to skipping out before yet another look at Acts 10 and 17 around engaging culture!
Couple of quotes to ponder:
"The purpose of every culture is to receive the Holy Spirit"
"The story of the Son is the hermeneutic key to every human culture"

Those I spoke to and went with appreciated the conference too, which is good, so it helped volunteers as well as being worthwhile for an old-timer like me.
And to top it all we won the quiz at the cheesy Saturday night disco. Magic.

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