Monday, October 27, 2008

Church for Everyone?
On Saturday I went over to East London for the "Church for Everyone" conference. Dr Bruce Milne was teaching some stuff, based mainly on his book Dynamic Diversity. The book draws heavily on Ephesians, arguing that in Christ we are no longer divided, we are a "new humanity" , therefore churches should be "new humanity churches" and reflect this, bridging all cultures, generations, socio-economic divides etc.
I find his arguments quiet convincing, and a helpful counter to the "Homogeneous Unit Principle" (for discussion on that see here).

I guess for me the key question is about what we need to do all together and what can be done in separate groups. Can we really hold diverse cultures, generations etc. together in one worship service? Is such an approach missionally viable? How does specific-group mission relate to gathering as church?
Of course these arguments have been rehearsed many times before, but "on the ground" how do we work it out? Is "niche" church the way forward, or perhaps this idea from Steve Collins (which I've probably mentioned before).

Probably more posts on this in time, as it's the backbone of my dissertation...

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