Thursday, November 27, 2008

Will probably post some reflections on the youthwork conference and other stuff going on before too long.
But the state of Woolworths is a sad thing.
It was about the only shop of any fun in my home town growing up, and being the kind of nostalgic retro-loving person I am, it's kind of sad to to be hearing about it's demise.
Seems the Prime Minister has waded in to help stores stay open until after Christmas (see here), which makes me determined to go and shop there!
I remember a friend telling me "Woolworths is for losers" when I was a teen, but I have happy memories of cheap albums on tape, toys, and countless "pick n mix" sweet experiences.
Long live Woolies - that's what I say!

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Blogger Amanda said...

When I was growing up, it was the only place in a small market town to buy CDs and tapes. Much sadness.

2:19 pm  

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