Friday, March 03, 2006

Poor Service (again)
I've posted previously on poor service and how to complain without being un-Christlike.
I was actually tempted to set up a "poor service blog" where we could name and shame companies!

On Monday I phoned my insurance company to change some details and get cover for Suzie's new car, and I was given a reasonable price and assured the job was done. But when I logged on to their online system it showed the old policy. Today the paper work came - for the old car! Pants!
It now seems to be sorted and "this is the first time I've known this to happen" was what I was assured!

But I won't be doing a poor service blog in case someone adds the London Baptist Association and I have to face the music...

But I will shout about some good service I've had recently:
Trade Sales in Slough
Cleaner Cars in Ealing
Evesham Computers


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