Friday, February 17, 2006

Back (again)
I'm back in London after a couple of days residential with one of
LBA's Church's youth groups at Viney Hill in the Forest of Dean. It seemed to be a fairly decent activity residential place (fortunately I arrived too late for the quarry scrambling and raft building!).
The group was there for half term, I went for 2 days to do some input. I did 4 session based around questions Jesus asked: "who do you say I am?", "what do you want me to do for you?", "how much bread do you have?", "why are you afraid?". Seemed to work OK! The group were actually really nice, easy to deal with.

Been good to do 2 residentials recently, one with 11-14's and this one with 14-17's, spending some time with young people rather than in youthwork theories!

Tomorrow one of the churches is doing FYT's challenging behaviour training so I plan to go along to that , and then preaching on Sunday.


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