Monday, February 27, 2006

Growth, formation and "ministry"
Andy has written an interesting post on spiritual formation in youth ministry.
At the weekend I was speaking at a youth event at a church linked to one of the "new church" streams. It was good evening. I was struck by how much time was given to "prayer ministry" stuff. God was clearly touching young people (always encouraging when you're the guest speaker). But it raised questions in my mind about intensity, the danger of manipulation and an experience based spiritual formation. And yet this approach was part of the culture of the church.Not really sure what I'm trying to say here - other than just wondered what experiences/thoughts people had on this. How do you get the balance between openness to the Holy Spirit, intensity and voluntary participation? (I'm not suggesting for one moment that the balance was wrong at the event in question!).


Blogger Roy said...

wow! some good thinking here that really challenges. Another question - does the age of the church have an impact? The reason I ask is that many churches break out into renewal or charismatic ministry (or whatever we choose to call it) in a time of searching and questions and the desire to see more of God at work and a willingness to sacrifice personal desire for God's glory. Is it then possible that we then follow the formula rather than he reasons for the "ministry" as time moves on? The next generation/s do not always have the same questions/drive and passion because they are at a different place and there may be others who want the experience without the price. Am starting to waffle and am hoping that I make some sort of sense.

10:41 am  
Blogger Pete Lev said...

Agree with the danger of "formula". It also brings danger of those young people who experience God in other ways not "fitting".

5:59 pm  

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