Monday, November 21, 2005

Lots of stuff buzzing round my head from the last few days.

We had an "agenda setting" day on Saturday with directors and others from the LBA. We focused a bit on the issue of children and the church which led to some interesting conversations.
In keeping with "Beyond the youthgroup" I vaguely floated the idea that perhaps Sunday school had had its day. In reality I think it can still be valid, but the problem is that many feel locked in to that as the model to use (as with much of our inherited ways of doing church) without thinking about the resources needed to sustain it or imagining other ways of passing on faith to children.

Spoke at youth service in South London last night which was good. It did raise issues about how we engage young people in worship. Several times I've been to events with 20 or less in attendance, but with Soul Survivor style band worship. If that comes from the youth as what they want then who am I to argue, but my feeling is there must be other ways to do stuff, rather than a "service" in that style.


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