Thursday, November 17, 2005

Church as department store?
(Selfridges, London)

From London Baptist history - Speaking of the 1870's :
"Organisations specialising in work amongst young people, men and women arose. The segregation of the church had begun, for good or ill"

Interesting that the "departmentalism" of the church coincided with the growth of the department store and consumerism in the Victorian era.
To what extent do we embrace this specialism and to what extent has it led to some of current problems with the separation and marginalisation of youth and children's work? (See Beyond the Youthgroup below). How can we hold it together without forcing people into a "one size fits all" church that works for no-one? Or should we resist because in Christ the barrier's come down?
I'm reminded of Steve Colins ideas "just because I'm in the kitchen and you're in the hall doesn't mean we're not at the same party".
Maybe we could learn something from the department stores!


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