Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Last few days
Was good to be back at Back to Reality on Saturday. This is a youth event in Ealing (I used to help run it), and a few "old boys" were re-called to the band which was kind of fun - I've not played electric guitar for months so it was nice to dust it off, re-string it and crank on the overdrive!
The guy speaking was from the Burn Church at St Albans Vineyard, and seem to hit the spot.

Sunday I was speaking at my home church, and managed to talk a couple of people into playing and helping lead worship, so I didn't have to! It always feels like it could become a one man show if I end up speaking and playing.

And then we came second in our usual pub quiz, by 1 point, and that only due to a marking error spotted by the winning team!

And after all that I'm suffering from sore throat. Bring on the Hall's Soothers!


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